Inform Well Expands

With the September 2017 launch of, Inform Well, LLC, has expanded to four websites.

Tech Geek Fact, publishes articles on smartphones, tablets, computers and the permutations between. The site reaches beyond these consumer-electronic bounds to other tech that affects today’s life as well as science that reveals technological paths to the future.

TGF aims to put fact over the me-first race to break news first, too often with details and explanation absent.

Tech Geek Fact fact-checks claims among those who comment and report on technology. Often, the site includes commentary about possibilities for tech developments, while stating clearly the foul lines between fact and speculation.

Inform Well publishes editorials on its website Just Editorial.

Upon inquiry, Inform Well will consider writing articles, designing websites and designing print publications., and are publications of Inform Well, LLC, for which Marston is president. This is the home site for the company.